Photo Credit:  Stephanie Pollock

Photo Credit: Stephanie Pollock

To think, it all started with an elementary school project...

Hello! My name is Jenna, and like you (or the soon-to-be you), I am a home historian. For me, the role of historian has meant the preservation, cultivation, and sharing of stories. I've spent my entire life collecting treasures, dreaming up adventures, and crafting memories to enjoy and share with the people I love most. Weathered photographs, handwritten letters, and cherished heirlooms are my love language.

My obsession with family history began while completing a "roots" project in my fifth grade social studies class. Detail-oriented and overachieving, the ten-year-old me set out to discover all I could about my family's story. I wrote a letter to my granduncle living in England and the reply he sent back is still one of my most treasured possessions. I was hooked immediately.

Fast forward over a decade and I'm still addicted to uncovering my roots. After having children, family history took on a whole new meaning and was more important to me than ever before. I wanted to keep researching the past, but also struggled with finding the time and energy for passion projects, so I started looking for ways to simplify and organize my work. I created the Home Historian to help other busy moms and young women uncover their family stories and preserve them in ways that will be meaningful to their loved ones, surrounding them in a rich, tangible legacy. If you've ever wanted to research your family's history but aren't sure where to start or how to manage all of the available information, the Home Historian is here to help. Thanks for joining me!


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